Rowan Road Revisited / by Peter Wilder

Nearly ten years after the completion of our Rowan Road scheme in Merton, we returned to film the site from the air. Our sister company Survey Drone set out to capture the attenuation ponds in the afternoon sun and to show just how amazing London can be when the sun shines.

design for manufacture

In 2005 the then Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott launched a competition to design and build a sustainable home for under £60,000 construction value. The buildings had to have high insulation values, passive ventilation and low carbon materials using modern methods of construction (MME). The Sixty K consortia of Crest Nicholson, Kingspan, Sheppard Robson, Arup and Macfarlane Wilder won 3 out of the nine available sites up for grabs. Rowan Road Merton was the first scheme that approached a net carbon zero footprint with its innovation buildings and stormwater wetlands set in 2.6Ha of public open space.

See more images of the scheme here.